Szuper PHP Store Locator

Allows you to add a Google Map to your website that can display all your stores locations and details. It allows people to input a location and the map will display all the stores within a given radius, and also directions to get there. Based on free and open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Javascript. Utilizing the latest state of the art Google Map API V3. Easy to install, just unzip to your server, create a blank database, run the install and your away. Easy to add stores to the system using the admin interface. Allows searching for your stores within a certain radius - 'find a store near me'. 1 click 'get directions'. Add your stores address, phone, fax, email, and website link to the map, so customers can find you quickly and easily. If the map has a lot of stores, clustering puts them together on the map under one icon with a count of the number of stores in that area.







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