Codeme PHP Framework

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LabWiki is a simple, XHTML/CSS standard-compliant, wiki software written in PHP. It uses plain text files for storing data (instead of a database such as MySQL). The wiki is easy to setup, use and customize....

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Banana Dance

Banana Dance by Ascad Networks, is an open-source PHP/MySQL-based program. It is designed to combine the simplicity of wiki-publishing software with the versatility of a CMS. The program also promotes commun...

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MediaWiki / AKA: Wikipedia

Make Your own Wikipedia! MediaWiki is a php & mysql software that exreamly resembles Wikipedia. That is because Wikipedia uses MediaWiki. Now create a simple yet effective site that your community will u...

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PmWiki is a wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites.PmWiki pages look and act like normal web pages, except they have an "Edit" link that makes it easy to modify existing pag...

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Ligature auto-linking wiki

Ligature is smart wiki software. While other wiki programs need you to tell them where to put a link, Ligature looks at the words you've used in the article, finds out if there's an article dealing with that...

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WSS Wiki Software - Innovative Enterprise Wiki Software

Launch your own wiki, instantly! With WSS Wiki Software, you can add powerful, searchable wiki to your site in minutes. Innovative features will help you to easily manage and share knowledge with clients, em...

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DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple-to-use Wiki mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups, and small companies. It has a simple but powerful synt...

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ErfurtWiki is a small Wiki engine implemented in PHP which stores its pages in a MySQL database or via a flat file backend. The Wiki source parsing is rather complete but is very extensible. It stands out fr...

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Minki Wiki is a minimal wiki (hence the name) aimed at achieving a balance of simplicity, flexibility and useful features. One of Minki Wiki's biggest strengths is its selection of text parsing markup, which...

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Particle Wiki

Particle Wiki allows you to set up a wiki in minutes! Easily edit together pages using standard wiki mark-up or even enable HTML. Archive copies of each page to look back at older versions; revert to a previ...

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LionWiki is minimalist file-based (doesn't need database), templatable, extensible wiki engine which works from just one file (30KB). It's written in PHP. It supports page history, recent changes, interface ...

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Wikiwig : the first Wysiwyg Wiki

Wikiwig is a free WYSIWYG-WIKI. It combines shared-working possibilities of Wikis with a Wysiwyg user-friendly interface (HtmlArea3). You don't need to know any wiki-specific syntax anymore to create and mod...

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Wikepage! wikisite/blog/personal site creator

Wikepage is a wiki-standart, easy to use and small wiki - blog hybrid software with multilanguage site support, css support, i18n support, simple banner system, rss output support, theme support, upload supp...

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WikkaWiki is a lightweight and easy to customize wiki engine allowing easy management of Websites, in particular collective Web-based projects: it provides an intuitive interface for modifying page content, ...

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