AllMyStats v1.80

AllMyStats v1.80 is compatible PHP5.4. Analysis with precision the traffic of your web site in real time. The key words as well as their position, search engines and referrers, IP, reverse DNS, pages visited, number of visits, operating system and web browser used, country of visitors, ... - The database is located on your server and is therefore not visible or usable by third parties. Separate statistics for visitors and robots . Detection of the keywords used by visitors to find your site. Position of these key words in search engines. Origin of visitors (countries). Define new crawlers via the admin. Define new bad user agent via the admin. Ability to detect some crawlers by their reverse DNS ( config_add.php). Ability to detect unwanted visitors by their reverse DNS , their referer , or their IP by configuring the config_add.php file. Detected as unwanted (config_add.php) visits are not counted as a visitor. No link or logo on your site.


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