Website Traffic Monitor

Most website owners are unaware that their website is being accessed by crawlers and spammy referrals. Website Traffic Monitor allows you to identify and block these requests ensuring your bandwidth and serv...

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AbleLogger is a PHP4/MySQL program which provides a streamlined interface for logging visits to your website and tracking visitation patterns or specific users. AbleLogger is not intended to be an all-encomp...

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PHP i-Stats

PHP i-Stats is a Web site traffic analysis package written in PHP and using MySQL database on backend for data handling. Its reports include Web site statistics by day, week-day, month, month-day, referer, h...

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Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed real time reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the la...

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SearchLogger is the perfect tool for logging which search engine queries lead surfers to your site, and the URL of the landing page....

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Enterprise Logger

Enterprise Logger is a must have tool for Webmasters to gather a wide range of information about each visitor to your site. It provides reports based on hour, day, month and also displays your top referrers ...

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AllMyStats v1.80

AllMyStats v1.80 is compatible PHP5.4. Analysis with precision the traffic of your web site in real time. The key words as well as their position, search engines and referrers, IP, reverse DNS, pages visited...

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Website Traffic and Pages Access data

PHP /Ajax script to register and display simple statistics of website traffic, and Pages Access data. These data are registered via Ajax, after the page is displayed in browser at least 5 seconds. The websit...

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Script Mini-Traffic Site

A PHP script for counting and displaying simple website traffic data. Records and displays number of site visits and unique visitors, in the current and previous day, the number of online visitors in the las...

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LiveVisits - Track your Visitors in Realtime

Infosniper Livevisits enables you to track and analyze all of your site visitors - even all visiting searchengine robots. Comparing to other stat scripts, the tracking is done in real time and you get all ge...

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CrazyStat is a free (GPL) PHP statistics (analytics) script that offers comprehensive analysis of your website's visitors (live!). It does not need access to server-logfiles or a MySQL-database. The script's...

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With CrawlTrack you can: -follow the number and origin of visitors on your site -detect and block a lot of hacking attempts -track in real time crawlers and spiders activity on your site -follow day after da...

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FStat is php stat script, which analyses useragentstring of a visitor with the help of the api and stores the stats in xml files. There is no need for a database like MySQL, SQL, ... S...

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Search engine referrers

This will log all of the search engine queries used to find your site in all of the most popular search engines. It will save each query and list them by how many hits that query has brought you. It will als...

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Scriptalicious PageRank Checker Script

Scriptalicious PageRank Checker Script lets you launch a PageRank Checker Web site in just minutes! Scriptalicious Turnkey PageRank Script includes three powerful PageRank tools: * PageRank Checker displays ...

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Google Analytics Booster

An online php script that boosts your google analytics traffic statistics. Uses proxy list to send traffic....

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e-Soft24 - Web Traffic Stats Script

Start your own traffic stats service website with ease with our Professional PHP Web Traffic Stats Script. With this software you are free to track only your own (unlimited) websites and/or run the script as...

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WTStats v3 (Web Traffic Statistics & Analytics) HTML5 + CSS3 interface.

WTStats is an advanced powerful real-time tracking system for your website's visitors. It counts every details, from referrals to keywords, from operating system to browsers, resolutions & even more. It ...

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So, you want to know more about your visitors and where they are coming from, where they are going on your site, and how many times they have visited. This PHP script will provide all that information and mo...

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PHP Web Statistik

The PHP Web Statistik offers you a highly configurable PHP-based visitor tracking and analyzing script. It can be run with or without database connectivity. The following stat modules are available: years, m...

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