Seo Panel

Seo Panel is a Award winning control panel to easily manage all seo related works of your websites. All also it will help you to track track and increase the performance of your web sites in internet. This o...

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Sphider Plus

In front of original Sphider additional mods, functions, template designs and debugging have been performed. For details about all changes, please notice the chapter Change Log In front of original Sphider s...

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Free Website Search Box Script

PHP Script created by StartingSites uses MySQL to store information about the web pages throughout your website. No keywording required, results will display on a customized webpage ready for you to design a...

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Google Custom Search

This script defines a class which can be used to query a Google Custom Search Engine. It sends HTTP requests to the Google CSE API and processes the response (search results and/or spelling suggestions) into...

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phpSitemapNG creates a valid google sitemap that allows you to submit urls of your website at once to google. It can scan your filesystem and website for static and dynamic links and files, sets the approria...

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CyberCrawl Meta Edition

CyberCrawl Meta Edition is a fully modular MetaSearch-Solution. The Script (written in PHP3) queries multiple SearchEngines (expandble through easy to handle includes) and delivers the top 10 results in arra...

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Multi-Search (PHP)

This is a PHP script for interfacing multiple search engines using only one form. It allows you to pick which service to submit your search criteria to and creates and submit the appropiate form to it. This ...

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Adbie Web Search 1.0 (Adbie 4.0)

Adbie Web Search Engine for pages have been created in order to make money from programs such as Google Adsense(TM). With the use of RSS canals, the script retrieves data from the specific pages. Using the t...

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Domain Search Script

Domain search script is a powerful, yet simple tool to check the availability of domain names. It allows visitors to check any (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us). The script use affiliate links to earn com...

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Adbie Music Search 1.0 - Adsense Scripts

Adbie Music Search has been designed in order to make money from programs such as Google Adsense(TM). The script downloads the music from an external source, without data limit - therefore in the short perio...

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Yahoo Answers Search Engine Script

Start Your own Yahoo Answers Search Engine. This revolutionary script will let you increase organic traffic dramatically. Every result page is optimized for google search engine; unique titles, urls and even...

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Video Multi Search Engine

Would You like to start your very own, high profitable video search engine website? Introducing fully automatic Video Search Engine Script which fetch results not only from YouTube but also from many other s...

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K-Search is very fast and highly customizable meta-search engine. It queries Google, AltaVista, MSN, Inktomi, FAST, Teoma, LookSmart, Ask, A9, dmoz and many other search engines simultaneously and uses effec...

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News Group Search

This tool lets you search through the Usenet & Google Groups. Enter your keywords to find out relevant posts. Great to find out answers to your technial questions and education yourself on many topics....

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Relevant site pages searcher

Searches in google listings for given keywords list and domain name, return 3 most relevant urls for given keyword! Used technologies: - PHP - Javascript - AJAX - CVS - Cache Caches searches for keywords to ...

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Pay Per Click (PPC) module for Esvon Classifieds

This module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results. Members setup their ads on the site and then buy a credit balance of funds (called a reserve). The advertiser th...

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