htmLawed is a highly customizable single-file PHP script to make text secure, and standard- and admin policy-compliant for use in the body of HTML, XHTML or generic XML documents. It is thus filter, processo...

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PHP Text Splitter

Ever needed to break/split text into sentences? PHP Text Splitter will help you to get it done. Works good enough with abbreviations. Custom sentences separator....

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This class can be used to convert a given Arabic text between different character set encodings. Currently it supports converting between character sets windows-1256, iso-8859-6 and utf-8....

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rTxt2htm creates standalone, XHTML 1-strict HTML files from text files with special but simple and unobtrusive markup. It is intended for generating HTML versions of plain-text documentation (like 'readme' f...

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Recursive Text Replacer

Replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string in files matching specified mask. You may meed this tool to replace your Google AdSense Id or some affiliate code in all files on the...

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This class can be used to automatically extract key phrases to summarize an given Arabic text. The class can parse a long Arabic text and use stemming and ranking algorithms to identify which can the be the ...

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PHP i81n

Adapting an application to a new languages may take a significant effort, especially if the application was not planned to be adapted to multiple languages from the start. This class implements an automated ...

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Analyzing words to determine if they are real words or not based on how consonants and vowels are distributed in the word. Configurable for different languages....

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Search_and_Replace is a web-based tool that allows you to search and replace any text in files on your server. Or, you can just conduct a search without replacing. Got 1000s of HTML files on your server that...

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PHP Save Complete HTML Page

This class can save HTML pages complete with images, CSS and JavaScript. It takes the URL of a given page and retrieves it to store in a given file. The class can parse the HTML and determine which images, C...

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List processor: List data from arrays in HTML tables

This class can list data from arrays in HTML tables. It can generate HTML tables for displaying data given in arrays. The listing may be paginated to limit the number of array entries to display per page. Th...

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Proper nouns - Find and extract proper nouns from text

This class can extract proper nouns from texts. It takes a text string and can detect which words may be proper nouns of people, entities, etc.. It uses some heuristics like the capitalization of the first w...

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Free PHP Ajax Test To Image Pre Viewer

Dynamically load font files in font directors. * Font can have different options, including size color and alignment. * Dynamically change background size. * Dynamically change text to preview. * Built in pa...

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The phpHyphenator is a PHP port of the JavaScript Hyphenator for automatic hyphenation in web pages using soft hyphens. You can use it in a CMS or as AJAX plugin for the MoreCSS JavaScript Framework....

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Recruiting Parser (BBCode to HTML)

Recruiting Parser is a application that has been in development for a year. Major Features * over 25 case-insensitive different tags * incredibly easy set up * automatic correction for badly formated tags * ...

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Spelling Suggestion Class: Suggest corrected spelling text with Yahoo API

This class can be used to suggest text spelling corrections using the Yahoo API. It takes a text as parameter and sends a request to Yahoo Spelling Suggestion Web service API server. The class returns a text...

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PHP Online Edit & File Manager

"PHP Online Edit" can edit txt files online on php system. Upload app.php into the site that support for the php script, then run it in Browser. default user name:"admin", password:"Admin". "PHP Online Edit"...

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Typo: Generate variants of words based on typing errors

This class can be used to generate variants of words based on common typing errors. It takes a given word a generates variants of that word by replacing its letters with others that are usually near the lett...

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Text Cat: Guess the language of a given text

A text can be written in many different idioms. Without a prior knowledge of the idiom on which a text is written, it is hard for a human to guess and eventually use an appropriate idiom translation tool. Th...

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Use mmGetText to write multiligual php scripts, learn how to do it in 5 minutes at /...

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PHPWasher takes your PHP code and automatically adds indentation, so your code becomes readable again! And it's open source!...

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PHP Multilanguage Class (PHPMLC)

PHP Multilanguage Class (PHPMLC) is a PHP class to add multilanguage feature to the projects/websites. It comes with advanced administation panel to manage translations. When the class initialized, it tries ...

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PHP Fancy Animated Text Builder

Using the site you can create beautiful animated text graphics. Text color, Font, Background color can be selected....

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Language Weaver

Features: This Client can quickly detect the foreign language of a given piece of text with high accuracy, returning the language name and language Code. Additionally Language Weaver supports real-time trans...

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Basic PHP Data Formatting

We all need to format our data before entering the database, and this helps to keep your database clean. Format The Following: Provinces, Strings, Text Truncating, Numbers, Money, File Sizes, Dates, Phone Nu...

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A tag cloud generator that does all the work for you. Just provide your data as plaintext/html, a link or even a path to a file. uTagCloud will automagicaly detect content type and do all the processing for ...

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PHP Summarizer

This tool will give a summary for the given text by ranking each sentence by its relevance. Features -Summary output with configurable treshold - only the lines with a frequency over the treshold will be ret...

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Text Translation Script - Translate Between 51 Languages!

Text Translation Script will get you INSTANT translation site out of the box with the ability to translate between 51 languages in both ways! The script has WEB 2.0 design and to make the site look really go...

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Spell Checker - Multi Language

Spell Checker the as you type spell checker, check your spelling on the fly, no more typo's in text areas or web forms. The Spell Checking capabilities of this little script are brilliant it will spot missty...

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Web 2.0 List Cleaner Script

The fast and flexible Web 2.0 List Cleaner Script. Cleans and sorts email lists, keyword lists, URL lists and more text lists with a fast and flexible Web 2.0 interface. Install and start your own list clean...

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