Simple System Status

Just get the IP address of the server you want to query along with the port number and enter it into the script where indicated and the script will just work. You can either link to the page directly, includ...

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Advanced System Status

This script is ideal for Hosting Providers/Resellers who: -Do not have the option of displaying their provider's service status. -Do not have the programming knowledge to intergrate with their provider's ser...

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Professional Server Status Script

It is easy to use and you only need to edit 1 configuration file and change the values to your server settings. It will work on VPS and Dedicated servers and require no database connection. If you are an exp...

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AJAX System Status Checker

It uses javascript (AJAX) to dynamically refresh the list of statuses so that the statuses are always up to date. It also records the outcome of each status request and stores it in a text file (no need for ...

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Uptime - Website Uptime Monitoring

If one of your sites goes down you can check it manually on the Uptime site or get alerted by email so you can check your downeds site out....

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Advanced Domain Manager

Adjustable cron script allows to set notifications for any amount of days, even if you want script to remind you about renewals due in 5, 10, 20, X days, this can be easily achieved. Reminders are sent to ad...

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The main application of it is when you need to provide your clients a way to POST data into your Web Application directly into the remote server, this script will provide a basic API that you can customize a...

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Power Toys for PLESK

Any important software has its own shortcomings. The same for the PLESK Control Panel, but these are covered by Power Toys, a small software that comes as an AddOn for PLESK. You have GREAT TOOLS like Passwo...

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Server monitor

You can maken a list of services you want to monitor and directly check if they are online or make a cronjob that will check every hour and email the results to your mailbox....

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WHMResellerPHP is a simple and clean software package for the creation of Master Resellers, Resellers. WHMResellerPHP is only for cPanel/WHM servers. The first stable version of this software package was rel...

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DeltaScripts PHP Uptime Monitor

This script is made for server owners that want to provide themself and all of their customers with information about uptime for all kinds of ports and services. It is perfect for webhosting companies offeri...

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HTB Site Monitoring Script

Ever thought of running your own highly profitable website monitoring and server uptime service just like,, and for an incredible low startup cost? Well, here's your cha...

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Status2k - Server Statistics & Management Script

Server Status 2k is a PHP script designed to display your server stats in an easy to understand format, this means your current and future clients can see how your web server is performing. But the script is...

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GameCP: game server control panel - enable the ability to create, manage and control game servers in real time using Apache, IIS, PHP, MySQL on Linux, Unix, FreeBSD or Windows platforms. GameCP includes a bi...

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MySQL Backup Manager

MySQL Backup Manager is very useful for taking automated backup of multiple MySql database . The backup operation can run any time as per the requirement . It can save the backup (SQL dump) file on local sto...

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Welcome to WHMControl - home of the premier server login management system for cPanel and WHM servers. Using WHMControl, you can store all of your server login information and notes in a central & secure...

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Backup WHM To Amazon S3

Backup your WHM & cPanel backup archives to Amazons hugely resilient Simple Storage Service (S3). Take advantage of automated off-site WHM backups without the need for additional costly hardware. S3Backu...

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Server Status Pro - favzen

FavZen Server Status is PHP script to monitor web server. you can scan and monitor your server easily by this script. It will refresh automatically after every 60 second. So, you can monitor your server all ...

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Caching class

This will decrease execution time and server load dramatically. With this script you easily can make your PHP scripts 50% faster by caching SQL results, big arrays or for example HTML tables that contain dyn...

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vnStat PHP frontend

vnStat is a network traffic monitor for Linux that keeps a log of daily network traffic for the selected interface(s). This is a frontend to display the traffic statistics created by vnStat as a webpage with...

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RIBS (Rsync Incremental Backup Script)

RIBS is an incremental backup system written in PHP which utilizes some common *nix programs (specifically rsync, ssh and cp). Incremental backups mean frequent backups can be done (i.e. hourly) with only ar...

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PSI - PHP Simple Informer

PSI - PHP Simple Informer is a very simple network services monitoring application written in PHP. It can be run as a command line application (PHP compiled as cgi is required) or as a web php file. Features...

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phpServer (based on phpSystem) is a php script designed to give the user information about their system in an easy to read format, from any internet connected computer, such as kernel, uptime, memory and swa...

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SRSS - Server Resources Server Suite

This is an administrative tool for configuring/compiling/installing server applications such as Apache, Sendmail, MySQL, PHP3, ProFtpd and more. SRSS currently supports installation for Apache 1.3.22 with mo...

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Server Status 2

Server Status 2 is primarily aimed at web hosts who wish to display the status of their servers to clients but this software has found other uses. One unique feature is that it allows the grouping of servers...

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PHP Bind 8

PHPBind is a complete PHP class for managing BIND 8.2's configuration files. Using no outside resources, and implemented completely within PHP it offers full control of named.conf and associated (or not) dom...

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PHP Server Monitor

PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whether your websites and servers are up and running. It comes with a web based user interface where you can manage your services and websites, and you can manage u...

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Centova Cast Streaming Radio Control Panel

Centova Cast is a professional ShoutCast/IceCast control panel and stream hosting solution, providing complete control over the provisioning and management of your streaming radio servers from an easy-to-use...

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PHPLog is intended to become a lightweight log monitoring solution for home users, as well as a candidate for being distributed on larger networks and report to a central console. PHPLog is inspired by many ...

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AlstraSoft Site Uptime Enterprise Website Monitoring script

Site Uptime Enterprise is a ready to run uptime website monitoring solution that allows you to offer membership services that monitors your members' web sites as well as POP3 email server, FTP protocols, SSL...

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