CodeLock - The PHP/HTML code Encryptor

CodeLock allows you to encrypt entire PHP pages,codes,scripts (mixed with HTML and javascript). CodeLock allows you to easily encrypt both PHP and HTML code to protect your pages. This script also encrypts y...

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PHPShield 3 PHP Encoder

phpSHIELD 3 PHP Encoder protects your PHP Source Code with a powerful, easy to use encoder, which creates a native bytecode version of the script and then encrypts it. Some other PHP encoding systems do not ...

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DLGuard: Expiring download links and secure internet sales

After securing your website payments, DLGuard then gives your customers a unique expiring download link. This link can be time limited as well as download attempt limited. Customer details are added to a MyS...

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SourceGuardian 7 PHP Encoder

SourceGuardian 7 PHP Encoder is the ultimate protection solution for your PHP scripts. Version 7.0 introduces a host of new and enhanced features. SourceGuardian has become an essential tool for many web dev...

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Sitelok can password protect and control access to html or PHP pages within your website. You can separate your site into members only areas and each user can be a member of multiple areas. New users can be ...

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HackerTrap Site Monitor

HackerTrap is the first step towards protecting your site. The web today is a jungle of hackers and script kiddies trying to take over any servers they can. They blast your site with multiple requests for di...

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PHPCipher Security Suite

PHPCipher is a complete source code encryption and protection system. An online licensing module allows programmers to easily and transparently restrict their code to specific domains or IP address. PHPCiphe...

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BTT-License [Pro] License Distribution System v1.9.5

BTT-License is a license management system for developers. It allows you to generate complex Logic code keys and logic licenses to bind to your applications for developers. You can set expiration date, domai...

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M&M Autoban

M&M Autoban protects PHP scripts from robots, spammers, harvestors, dataminers, scrapers site downloaders, union-injections and other htackers. Create bot traps live bans and monitor atacks and user agen...

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Scripts licensing - php scripts licensing system

Do you sell PHP scripts online and have problems with thieves and/or unauthorized reselling of your scripts? Our Scripts licensing 1 PHP script is an unique solution to protect your valuable php scripts from...

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Unlike products that only encode the sources and decode them at runtime, selling only an illusion of protection, OBFUSC is a real obfuscator, with no extensions installed on servers and providing full contro...

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ImgOwl: Web Image Safeguard

IMGOWL is recommended image protection for website images,It loads image from Flash container with customized watermark and caption text for websites. all stealing attempts are impossible.ImgOwl fully suppor...

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phpAES is a PHP 5 class (PHP 4 now included). It can encrypt/decrypt data using 128, 192, and 256-bit AES cipher. It uses pure PHP and does not require mcrypt or any other external library to be compiled int...

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PHP-Protection Licensing & Distribution System

If you're concerned about people taking your code and re-distributing your scripts without your permission, chargebacks after payment and licensing issues then you need PHP-Protection! We all understand that...

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BlockScript is a PHP script which enables webmasters to quickly and easily deny access to problematic users that are difficult to block using standard methods. BlockScript detects and blocks requests from al...

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e-Soft24 - Backup My Webspace

With the "Backup My Webspace" PHP Script you can back up your entire or only parts of your web space. You will have the option to setup unlimited backup profiles and can run it automatically through a cron j...

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CodeTangler Professional

If you've ever wanted a sure-fire way to protect your commercial PHP projects, CodeTangler will obfuscate your PHP source code to prevent anybody from stealing code or modifying it in any way. Unlike most PH...

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MD5 Tools Script

With this premium MD5 Tools Script, you can offer your visitors very usefull tools to encrypt or decrypt data strings. The MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a widely used cryptographic hash. It is often us...

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PHP Key Generation and Authentication Class

Deploy this in your own products to ensure they are only used by whom has the right. Ensure your product is not stolen with this easy to use system. Integrate the generation system in with your billing softw...

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HackerCatcher - Catch hackers w/ Admin Panel

HackerCatcher is a complete system (with admin panel) designed to catch if someone is trying to hack your page and save his data: IP, String (with the one that tried to hack), date, file, details about the h...

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With this encoder you can make your PHP scripts unreadable for other people but they will still work the same way on your server. This is handy when you want to give someone a PHP script but you don't want t...

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You can make a login area on your website in order to do let your users to authorize their sign-in with social networks by purchasing and integrate to your website.No need regisration anymore! Script Feature...

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Protect Your Pages

Protect Your Pages is a session-based login system with the ability to define multiple access levels for different passwords. No database required....

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Advanced Login System

Some of the features: Email activation automated/manual. Remember me. Forgotten Password. Password Reset. And more.....

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SpamTrawler - Web-Application Firewall & Security Suite

"SpamTrawler" resides in the "Document_Root" directory of your Website and is started before your Website is delivered to visitors. Depending on which integration method is used, it protects all websited/scr...

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V Shepherd Copyright Protector

V-Shepherd Copyright Protector is a PHP script developed by Agbajelola Olasunkanmi Julius to solve the problem of copyright infringement and the theft of intellectual properties among film makers, E-book Aut...

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Seclog is a very simple but powerfull php class to protect your login form against online brute force attack at the script level. This can be combined with captcha, limited login attempts, user ban, and othe...

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A frustration of owning a website is preventing spammers and proxies. NoProxies stops proxies from accessing your website by detecting all types of known proxies and bad bots. NoProxies can run on any Linux ...

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Link Guard

Link Guard is a PHP Script that allows you to hide actual location of your download files by converting it into an encrypted url based on users IP address. This system can be used in various ways in your pro...

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myAuth -Powerful Auth tools w/ encrypted Cookies

myAuth is a powerful Authorization toolbox bundled with 7 full working solutions; We've focused in create an app where the most important is Safe Authorize. What kind stuff can I protect? -pages, apps, even ...

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Directory Protector

I use it personally during website development projects myself as I like to see certain directories, while protecting others. You can use an .htaccess file as well (currently being developed for implementati...

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Easy File Protection - PHP

It provides you with a login interface where you can provide your credentials and login to your secure page. This script also has the feature of logging out after a predefined timeout interval. So after the ...

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EasyBlock. PHP Blocker by OS/Mobile OS/Browser/Bot

This is a PHP Blocker with Admin Panel that will allow you to: Block you page to visitors using the Browser, OS, Mobile OS or Bots of your choice Redirect them to a file of your choice You can do all differe...

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Advanced BOT Detection & Notification

Advanced Bot Detection & Notifier - Notifies you via email whenever particular bot visits - You can set particular both to target notification. Features Include: Detects bots - you can extend the list of...

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