Video Search Engine Script

You can start running your video search engine within minutes. Our 100% automated video search engine script that FETCHES results directly from websites like Google ADSENSE is pre-loaded on prim...

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App Store Search Engine - AppsGeni

AppsGeni (iTunes Aggregator) is an iTunes App Store Search Engine affiliate script, auto-filled with thousands of Apps instantly! Run your Own Niche AppsStore and make money through TradeDoubler or LinkShare...

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Baby Names Search Engine database

NameGeni is a Baby Name Search Engine written in PHP and using a Mysql database, responsive mobile theme, filled with 40770 first names for boys and girls with meanings, origins and many more detailed inform...

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Sowoo is a search engine script. Sowoo searches content for Web images, videos and Interesting. Sowoo use as your own search engine. Sowoo ist ein Suchmaschinen Script. Sowoo sucht nach Web Bildern Videos un...

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Professional mp3 search engine with Unique features

Very fast Super Powerful & Easy to Customizable Script Buy a very unique and professional mp3 search engine with fully php script and start your own mp3 website and earn money. Its 100% legal to run your...

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Bulk SEO URLs audit - sitemap scan

Tired of checking manually the SEO stats of each webpage of your website? Bulk SEO URLs audit script is for you ! Bulk SEO URLs audit script will perform the necessary tests and collect the main SEO stats (t...

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Video Search Script Pro

Run your own video search engine web site within minutes. This Video Search Script Pro is an easy to install PHP script, which searches the most popular video sites YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Google ...

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PDF Search Engine

Lightweight, just a few files, nothing to configure just place it under FTP and it will start working - No API key is required to run it - jQuery/AJAX Based PDF Document Preview (powered by Google) - Google ...

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PHP Video Search Engine

PHP Video Search Engine is an advanced video search engine based on YouTube's Search API it's a powerful tool for searching for videos, it includes a series of filters and two types of displaying the results...

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PHP Books Search Engine

PHP Book Search Engine is a unique advanced search engine for books, it uses the Google Books API to get the information, it has various filters and search filters such as Book Name, Author or ISBN . It's al...

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Sphider Pro

Sphider Pro is a PHP search engine based on the scripts of original Sphider by Ando Saabas. We have made a large number of additions to the original scripts to make Sphider Pro a light weight dynamic, simple...

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iSearch Site Search Engine

iSearch is a tool for allowing visitors to a website to perform a search on the contents of the site. Unlike some other such tools the spidering engine is written in PHP, so it does not require binaries to b...

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PHP Search Engine

This search tool is perfect if you want a quick an easy way to search your dynamic websites. Simply upload the PHP files and make a form on your website like below and you're done! It couldn't be easier! Sea...

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HTB Search Engine Submission

This script will allow you to submit your website to 140+ search engines worldwide. You will be able to give your customers a website to go to for free search engine submission (You earn from ads) or even co...

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Complete Torrent Search Script

Torrent Search Script version 2.01, release date: May 23 2011 * Automated Cron Jobs for new torrents from PirateBay * All torrent's user rating (AJAX) & comments (very good antispam), search whisperer (A...

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Gr8 Multiple Search Engine Script

Gr8 Multiple Search Script allows you to search same keyword in multiple sites on single window you don't need to open all sites just using tabs you can search your keywords. Category base sites so you can s...

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Rapid Search Engine Script

Run your own file search engine website? Our updated file script has NEW features including now searching Rapidshare, Megaupload, Megashares, Badongo, FileFront, SaveFile. Rapid search engine is 100% AUTOMAT...

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Ajax search form

It has an elegant, simple and clean HTML Template. Easy to integrate and you can use it on your site in minutes....

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Live Search - Searchengine for your Website

The Search Engine for your Website. You can use Live Search for smaller and medium websites. A database is not needed. The website will be crawled from the defined baseurl. The links will be collected and th...

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Flickr Search

Features: -Configurable default search term(s). -Configurable image size output. -Multi queries and tags can be handled....

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Anypage SEO Admin

Password secured administration area where you can add new page (you don't actually create a page for your website you just add existing page to your administration so that you could edit meta data on it.) S...

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Zoom Search Engine - Add search to your site! (PHP)

Adds a powerful custom site search that runs on your very own website. It is FREE for small sites. NO advertising. Easy to use, requires no complicated server-side setup. It can also create search engines fo...

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GogooooSE - Superior Fulltext Search Engine Script

GogooooSE is based on amazing SQLite3 database engine with build-in FT3 fulltext extension that is based on some Google guys work (and used internally in numbers of Google projects!). With this script you ca...

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PHP Job Search Engine Script

2daybiz job search engine script eliminates your worry about searching for an employer. Our search engine software is an extensive and powerful script written in PHP that launches your own jobs search portal...

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Multiple Search Engine Script

Do you want to run your own multiple search engine hub? Well, our advanced search engine script uses ajax technology to integrate the worlds biggest websites into one easy to use website. You can search thro...

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SearchBlox Enterprise Search Server

SearchBlox is a great replacement for the Google Search Appliance for searching your filesystem, databases, websites, rss feeds, salesforce data or custom data. SearchBlox provides solutions for cloud search...

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ES Job Search Engine

We have developed ES Job Search Engine! In one simple search, ES Job Search Engine gives your job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from many job websites, job boards, newspapers, a...

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Site Search Pro

[ EASY SETUP ]: It takes a minute to set it up. -- [ PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, FLASH files support ]: Search PDF and other documents content. No need for any plug-ins. It works right out-of-the-box. [ INDEXING SCH...

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YouTunes – MP3 Music Video Search Engine PHP Script

Discovering new music has never been this fun, with a clean and modern responsive design YouTunes MP3 Music Video Search Engine Script offers your website visitors to listen the latest songs and watch music ...

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ES Professional Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine

We have developed ES Professional Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine! ES PPC provides you a quick and easy way to start your own search engine and earn money by displaying relevant sponsored results taken fro...

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PPC Search Engine Script (PPC Script)

Advanced PPC directory is an highly successful concept for a high earning website. Users advertise on your PPC directory and pay per click. Higher they pay per click, higher they list in the directory. You e...

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Image Search Engine Script

This is a HUGE wallpaper search engine site. You can search anything you want, and you'll almost always find the image you want. It is easy to run this automated site. No management required. The website bas...

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Mobile Friendly Tester Script

This tool allows you to analyze any website from mobile friendliness point of view. When you query with web page URL it tells either page is mobile friendly or not, mobile friendliness score, point out the i...

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Job Search Engine Script

It includes light weight Script is mainly developed for job seekers to get the exact search results for a particular job or job post it's purely API based we offer 10 years support, 5 years update, brand fre...

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Google Places Search API Tool

This tool uses Google Places Search API and enables to get top 60 businesses for particular keyword and location. It display the business name, address, categories, rating, business website and reviews with ...

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SEO Tool Scripts

The SEO Tools Website script is a turnkey website for anyone looking to run their own online webmasters tools script. The site is designed in HTML5 Responsive and PHP with 18 tool scripts to help other webma...

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Answer Search Engine Script - 100% Automated

Set up your very own answers website. Our automated answer search engine allows you search 'yahoo answers' database for the answer to any question. The script indexes THOUSANDS of pages. Each result page is ...

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Ultimate Pay Per Click Directory Script

PPC directory is an highly successful concept for a high earning website. Users advertise on your PPC directory and pay per click. Higher they pay per click, higher they list in the directory. You earn big. ...

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