FORMgen - Form Generator & Redirector

FORMgen is a web based wizard that allows you to quickly create forms. Build forms that validate data and are linked to a database. Build forms that send emails. Manage your forms through a web interface. Pa...

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Adf Ly Clone Script

The Scripteen AdF.Ly Clone Script allows you to setup your own money making website just like the actual AdF.Ly website (Note: We are not affiliated with AdF.Ly in any way) - Professional and well structered...

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Single Site PHP Proxy

Seraph Redirector will Load a page without Frames or Fowarding from another site. Now supports Post Vars, Cookie Vars and File uploading. For example You have a form that goes to T...

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Affiliate Link Cloaker

Affiliate Link Cloaker is a powerful PHP Link Cloaker Script with which you can easily mass cloak your affiliate links. Features - Super Easy Installation (Just upload it, That's All! ) - Full Source Code - ...

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Link Anon Script

Start your own clone site with this easy to use and install Link Anon Script. It is a great php script for a standalone site or to integrate the anonymize tools to your existing website. Script Fea...

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PHP Link Cloaker: Hide Affiliate Links and Track Visitor Clicks

PHP Link Cloaker hides your Affiliate Links, tracks each links total and unique clicks and turns ugly URLs like "index.php?affid=12yd7" to clean ones such as "recommends/Host". It comes with an easy, web-bas...

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plusPHP Affiliate Links Manager & Statistics

All-in-one solution to cloak your sponsors' and affiliate links, manage them (CSV import/export, mass add/delete operations) and track clicks (timing, source site and page, visitors' IP with possibility to t...

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URL Rotator Script

A full-featured URL rotator with unlimited URLs, and users. Features: Unlimited URLs; PHP/MySQL based; Secure Admin Control panel; Counts Hits to each URL; Weighted distribution of traffic to your links - yo...

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Country Redirect PRO - geoIP country redirect script

Country Redirect Pro (The Original) is a super powerful, flexible and robust PHP geoIP redirect script (geo targeting script) that allows to redirect visitors by country. In fact it makes it possible to cont...

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PHP Watch Movies Script

Watch Movies Script enables you to run your own Movies & TV Shows listing website. Built with a lot of features in mind and seo friendly automatic URL’s & Titles....

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Mobile Device Detection

The PHP Mobile Device Detection script was designed to allow users to easily detect any number of devices, provide customizations for the devices, or forward them according to their needs, and this is all do...

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If a mobile device is detected it will popup a modal box asking if the user wants to be redirected to a mobile version of the website or webpage....

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Country Detect & Redirect

The function of this class is like Google that redirects users from countries that support google e.g. in UK when you enter you will be redirected to and this is exactly what you can ...

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PHP Smart URL Redirection

With this site, you ensure your customerss that you are their source for website redirection. Joining members will enjoy using shorter URL's instead of too long and unwanted ones!...

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Short Url and Link Management - MX Scripts

Short a long urls in a short one, to be used in emails, blogging platforms or any website. You can use this script for managing downloads, masking URLs, or track how many times a link has been clicked. NEW F...

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MultiURL Script

MultiURL Script offers a complete solution to run your own URL shorterner service, including shorterning multiple URLs at once, displaying detailed click statistics and offering premium membership to your me...

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Simply Advanced Link Shortener Script

Simply Advanced Link Shortener Comes With Advanced Link Shortening Options. These Are: Random Links. Custom Url Creations. Password Protection Of Shortened Links [You Can Protect With Password Of Your Privat...

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Shorty URL Shortner Script

Shorty is a simple URL Shortner site script. Which is use to shrink huge URLs. It's very simple to use you can shrink any huge URL with this and share on social networks,forms and youtube. Shorty work with a...

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Short URL QR Code Script

Run your own short URL service, including QR Code creation, with ease. All you need for it, is this easy to setup PHP Short URL Service Script. In times where people send millions of sms, emails or Twitter m...

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Cash URL

Short URL service with Cash for members using this service:Customizable template. Referral system is 10 levels deep. Administrator can specify the percentage of earning from each level of referrer. The ads c...

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plusPHP Multi-User Short URL and Statistics

NEW features in Ultra version: Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth integration, Microsoft Tags and QR codes generator, countries tracking, income sharing 50/50 with users (advertisement displayed with links),...

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301tool is a URL Redirection Web Application that is designed to shorten long and unwieldy URLs into smaller, more meaningful URLs. This application provides similar functionality to online services such as ...

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URL Unshortener Script

The URL Unshortener script is simple and sweet; let your users unshorten URLs from,, and TinyURL. Script Features - jQuery/AJAX powered for a smooth experience - Reveal the \\\\\\\\"long url\\\...

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GentleSource Short URL Script

Short URL Script allows you to have a URL shortening service under your own domain. The script can create shorter URLs that do not break in email messages or mask your affiliate links. As a site owner, you c...

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Scripteen Short Link Script

Scripteen Linkmize Script (SLS) is a simple and feature rich short link script that has a sleek and friendly design with ajax power that will impress your visitors and is also backed with powerful admin back...

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Url Shortening Script - TinyUrl Clone

Start your own url shortening website using our powerful url shortener script. Url Shortener Script is an advanced php script to let you start your own highly profitable url shortening website. Just like the...

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Redirect System

This script is great for measuring how well a campaign is doing by creating different links and sending them or placing them on the internet then viewing how many hits they are getting....

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Tiny URL Shortening Script - Make Any URL Really Short!

Simple and clean URL shortening script. If you have a really long URL it is sometimes impossible to add it in chat rooms or emails, so use this service to create your own short URL. Attracts high traffic. At...

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TinyURL Script

TinyURL Script can be set up in 5 minutes with our easy browser based install. It is completely customizable in CSS, no part of the script is encoded. Visit our site for a user end and admin demo! Immediate ...

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PHPFABER URLInn - Extended Short URLs Maker!

PHPFABER URLInn was created as a tinyurl service (also known as shorturl, tinylink, shortlink services) and grow up into separated product filled with bunch of useful features. It allows you to convert quite...

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URLs Rotator Pro

You can promote all your web sites and referral URLs from one simple URL. Its simple, every time someone visits Your Rotator URL they will be directed to one of your web sites. When they come back they will ...

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Short Url & Url Tracker Script

Short Url Service with Url Tracker can be one of the most useful tools for any online marketer. Most of the online marketers don't want to send emails with URLs that break making the recipient have to go thr...

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