Random Text script

This script will display random text or a quote from your list. Text can include HTML code and will be displayed either using Javascript or directly from your PHP page as an include....

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CXRandom is a very simple php script who display random text. You can write HTML code and display it random at each refresh of the page. It is a good method to display banners or text links in rotation....

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Random Pass

A small php script to generate a random string ( can be used as secure passwords ) based on user requirement of - length, alphabets type, number, special characters or any particular set of characters. Basic...

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TigerTom's Content Freshener (TTConFresh)

A content randomiser. It can use the page-name or query_string as a keyword, and insert it in the content. Useful for SEO. The script should be 'called' by another web page. It randomises text or HTML from a...

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Random Alphanumeric String Generator

Two functions that you use together to assign random alphanumeric strings of any length. You can use these for session IDs, tracking IDs, validation checks, etc. Also includes instructions to easily alter th...

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Random Quote

Displays a random quote on a web page. Quotes are picked from a list that you define. Very easy to set up....

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A random script that ensures to pick only out of the entires that exist in the table. This script compiles an array of the entries currently in the table, then selects a random entry from that array. The scr...

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Web Talk Script

WebTalk - WebTalk is a service that provides text for websites. Text is a big issue with the internet. How do you know your text is the best? Keywords can be optimized, but can they be written? The WebTalk t...

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Simple POTD Script Multi-Sponsor Edition

Add a picture of the day (POTD) feature to any site using any pictures and sponsors you like! This script will display a picture and link from a list that will change once per day and then cycle through the ...

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Random Image Display script

Random Image Display is a simple PHP script to display a random image on your Web page. It shows all image files from its directory. It can be included in other php page or called by image tag. Script is upd...

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Random image script

Use this script to show a random image from a folder of your choice. Works with any file type so it can be used as a random file download script as well. Supports filtering files by extension, modifying sett...

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Random Image

Displays a random image on a web page. Images are selected from a folder of your choice....

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Random Advertisement

An easy way of putting random advertisements on your page. Nothing to configure except changing the links and the banners. No database required....

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multiple random images rotation php script

multiple random images rotation code can be used for unlimited number of pictures, on any PHP page, without duplicates...

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Free PHP Image Rotator Script

FREE php image rotator script solves your quest for how to rotate images in a web page. Simple Image Rotator that rotates images in a web page. This free image rotator rotate images on web pages at a predefi...

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123RandomImage is a simple PHP random image script that does not require MySQL or any other sort of database. Simple edit 1 line, upload, and your set to go! You do not require any knowledge of PHP scripting...

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Display image depending on day of week

This script will get the day of the week off the server and then display an image to match....

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Rotasig Image Rotator Script

Rotasig is a free php based image rotator. Very easy to install and use. Rotasig offers users the ability to upload images for forum signatures, bulltin boards, my space profiles, etc and then place one line...

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Simple pic of the day (POTD) script

Want to have Picture-of-the-Day for any sponsor you promote? Would you like to have one or many pages with Picture of the day content on your site(s)? This is a simple script for adding a pic of the day (or ...

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Dodos RanGen

This is a random generator script written in php that may generate random links, images, numbers or anything you want. You have the full control of what you want to generate. You may also put different prior...

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Random URL Rotator - Unlimited URLs

A simple PHP script that allows you to rotate an unlimited amount of URLs through the one URL. Does not use frames and includes a web interface admin area to add and remove your URLs. Great script for those ...

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Random License Generator

Generates random registration numbers of any length and character format, as well as telling you how many variations of that format are possible, helping to ensure that you will not run out of available regi...

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Hazard Random Generator

Hazard Random Generator generates a random text for you to display. You may also force the script to display a certain quote. This script may also be used to generate random links or images....

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Flip a Coin

When a random choice is needed between two options, use this script to "flip a coin" to make the decision. A second script on the page flips a 3-sided coin to help you choose between three options....

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Landing Page Rotator

This script can help you by alternating traffic to different webpages. For example, if you have a site on which you are promoting car insurance offers, you can promote Geico Car Insurance, All State auto Ins...

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Randomly builds X number of e-mail addresses. Both username and hostname are letter/number randomized and are random sized (user defined ranges), and a random domain is chosen from ten different ones. Then t...

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Chipmunk Random Links

Chipmunk Randomlink is a powerful link indexing script that allows admins to specify number of random links to display. Admins to allow or disallow submission of links by users. Admin can add, delete, and va...

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Rotator DX - url rotator membership system script

URL rotators are high in demand and very popular this days. Here is your opportunity to run your own url rotator web site service with our rotatorDX 1 php script. Script provides advanced url rotator members...

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