Flash Charts Pro - PHP Charting, dynamic data-driven charts for PHP apps

Flash Charts Pro allows you to add dynamic, data-driven and animated Flash charts & graphs to your PHP applications. You do NOT need to know Flash in order to fully utilize all the great potential of Flash Charts Pro. There is NO database preference; you can use any you like. Very easy to use and integrate. Add compact, visually-arresting 2D/3D charts & graphs to your web pages and PHP applications. You'll have full control over styles and data output of 30+ chart types included in the pack. There are pie, bar, line, bubble, candlestick, scatter, area charts and much more! End-users and visitors don't need to install anything as Flash is industry standard! Flash Charts Pro ideal for web applications, reporting solutions, presentations, dashboards etc. anywhere where power charting and representative looks are required! Flash Charts Pro compatible with many scripting languages like ASP, ASP .NET, PHP, JSP etc. as it uses XML for styling and data load. Must have pack! Give it a try!


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