Dolphin Accounting Software

Dolphin is Web-based accounting software that allows access to a database from anywhere with an Internet connection, and features order entry, invoicing, a shopping cart, inventory control, accounts payable,...

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cInvoice - web based invoice system in PHP

Great tool for small to mid-size business to manage clients' invoices. Cool features include: * easy to setup recurring bills * PDF invoice output * foreign language support, * different currency support at ...

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Hyip Manager

HYIP Manager is a package for investment sites. This software helps you to easily create and manage your own HYIP. This HYIP script supports unlimited plans and users, turing image, ban users, block user's a...

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plx Pay (Payment Processor)

How would you like to own your very own payment processing website and business built with security-minded programming? The Software that allows you to own and operate your very own paypal, stormpay type of ...

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Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System

The Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System is a professional serial number tracking system that allows easy asset management for IT, HR, or general serial number tacking. It allows for easy editing an...

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Here is a brief exerpt from my website: "I have developed an extremely easy to use stock ticker, which has the following features: 1. Enable or disable, and if disabled display a message. 2. Easily manage al...

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