MoneyBee, jQuery+PHP+JSON Paypal & Card Processor

It works over a PHP OOP class, and it can be used with its AJAX or PHP engine. MoneyBee stands out of because of its flexibility. Not only it'll give you this opportunity of getting paid, but also of asking your clients extra information by setting your own custom form inputs. MoneyBee comes with a LOT , and yes, I mean A LOT of features, you'll have the chance to modify the script with over 100+ of settings. From form validation, to payment processing, MoneyBee has got it all. By simply setting your form structure, it's validation rules, and callbacks (yes, callbacks are accepted), the script will not only validate it (based on your rules of course), but it'll be smart enough to identify which fields contain the billing information to be processed. After that, it'll communicate with the required gateway and process the payment, and return you data to be stored or manipulated how you want.







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