simple e-document

It assigns a unique number (protocol) to every document and stores much information about this document. It can be used as an electronic file and electronic protocol system. It will also help you organize your physical - hard copy file. Many search option so to find easily any document you need and administration system based on users and administrators account. Ability to upload-store and open directly the documents and more. It can be used as desktop or local network application assuming that you have Apache and mysql on you pc (which is very easy to do, check XAMPP ) or your web server for Internet access. This project is published under GLP license. You can use it, modify it, distribute it, as far as you keep our copywrites. This way we all support open source. Within your download pack you will find installation istructions and a copy of the license. Installation should take just 1 or 2 minutes.





simple e-document


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