Export Data to Documents Set with PHP 5 (ExportToDocSet)

The ExportToDocumentSet is a set of different PHP 5 classes which handles the export of data delivered from MySql database tables. Mainly the Visitor Design Pattern, a Debugger Class (handles all the sql queries) and the DOM Class are reponsible for the fluent sequence of events. Microsofts Excel and Microsofts Word and Apaches Open Office text documents and table documents are supported and can also be used for online printing facility. The necessary templates for docs and odts are easy to 'create and use': Create your page design with your preferred Word or Open Office and safe the file as *.htm or *.html - the rest is done by the responsible class. Extra: Using Excel Files from Microsoft Excel or Table Documents from Open Office the field width will be recognized while creating the file. In total seven file types are supported: xml, csv, xls, ods, doc, odt and rtf. The setting should work for PHP 5, MySqli, Apache 2, IIS, Windows, Unix or Linux.







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