PHP Click Counter Script by

This open source PHP script is a fully functioning click counter. It allows you to track the amount of clicks a banner ad, download link, or standard link receives. This is then output in the admin section p...

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PHP Visitor Counter by

Our free php visitor counter allows you to see how many people are visiting your web pages. There is no need for a database, and the script is easily installed onto your website. You can also change the sett...

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Answers 2000 PHP Click/Counter Tracker

Powerful counting and tracking script. Create as many as trackers as you want. Silently track visits to websites. Record user IP address information. Measure conversion rates and do split tests on sales lett...

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Clickr - The link and download counter

This script provides an admin panel where you can overview stats about all links created stats include total hits, unique visits (determined by IP address), visits in last day/week/month, top referrers and l...

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Click count

This is the only link trading system you will ever need. It is designed to send the same amount of visitors to your affiliates as they send you. If they send you 10 visitors, their link is shown on your webs...

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Complete Website Stats Script

Hit counter is an easy to use website stats script. In includes website counter & page counter in addition to full website stats. It also records the pages accessed by users, browsers used, screen resolu...

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Link Changer

Link changer is a handy tool that let's you change links and redirect them through your domain. For instance, turn into and it...

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Click Tracker

The script will track how many people are clicking on the download links and on the links that open in a separate frame (popup window). You don't need to modify links, just place a few lines of JavaScript co...

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Click Tracker module for ActualAnalyzer Lite/Pro/Gold/Server

Click Tracker is a powerful link-tracking module for monitoring and analyzing click statistics. Click Tracker stores full information about clicks on the specified links of your website and provides full spe...

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PHP click counter

Ccount is a PHP click and download counter. With its help you can count clicks on any link on your website. A great tool if you want to know how many times a link has been clicked, a file downloaded and simi...

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Visitor Logger

Collect information about your visitors including country, time, date, referer, language, host, IP and browser. Block visitors you don't want at the click of a button. Can be used on any any number of websit...

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Click Stats

Extremely simple tool that is easy to set up and that keeps track of how many people clicked on your website's links. No database, uses txt files...

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Download Counter

Download Counter is an open source download counter / tracking script designed to be small, fast and easy to customise to your own requirements. Multiple files per download and an Admin Control Panel are new...

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php easy :: clicks counter scripts set

Count is a scripts set intended to count clicks for any local paths via referring to counter script that will redirect your visitors to a target location after updating the count for current location. You ca...

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