Welcome to the moChat product page. What is moChat you ask? moChat is a PHP and MySQL powered chat room that allows you to get connected with your site visitors. It boasts a simple yet modern design with plenty of features for the site admin. moChat has 4 user groups or "Permission Levels". The first being the user group. Users are members of the chat room and have no control over the site itself, just their own account. Then we have moderators. Moderators have the ability to kick and ban users who are disruptive. They can also prune the chat room and delete all messages by a specific user. Next, we have administrators. Administrators have control over the room itself. They can create new moderators and administrators, change the room topic, demote a user and more. Finally, super administrators. Super administrators have full control of the chat room plus access to the admin panel. Read more on the product page.







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