BSW Math

This script is a PHP script for calculating the roots of nonlinear equation and Gregory-Lagrange interpolation It is usefull for mathematics and physics students and scientefic researchers...

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Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator

* Convert to and from all currencies. * Customizable and easy to use. * No database required. * No installation required. * Ajax Updates, No reload or ...

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Time Difference Calculator

This is an online calculator and downloadable software for webmasters. It will calculate the difference between two dates and times and display them in various ways selected by the user. For example it can s...

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Weight Loss Calculator

This is a free and easy to install PHP weight loss planning calculator (calories calculator). It contains just one PHP script which to be included in your website. There are live conversions and javascript v...

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Free PHP Mortgage Calculator

Free PHP mortgage calculator that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more. Tell it a mortgage amount, percent down, length of mortgage, and interest rate, and the calculator will give y...

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TigerTom's Loan & Mortgage Calculator

TigerTom's Loan & Mortgage Calculator scripts (TTCalc) are an easy set up, with some surprising features. MySQL is not needed. Outputs amortization tables. Users can select their currency symbol (GBP, Do...

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PHP Calc

PHP Calc is the most basic calculator written in php. This is a 5 minute script that is powerful because you can make it calculate anything. It just takes some imagination and some knowledge of math. Feel fr...

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Quick Health Calculator

Want a quick, good-looking, easy-to-install health calculator for your web site? Look no further! The Quick Health Calculator is a free program for your web site that measures a visitor's BMI (Body Mass Inde...

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Online Loan Calculator

This loan calculator can be used to figure out regular payments of any kind of loan, based on the loan amount, loan length, interest rate and pay periodicity. phpLoanCalc is using template, therefore you can...

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Mileage Calculator - Driving Distance Calculator

Falcon's Mileage Calculator is a web package for calculating the driving distance between two cities from USA or Canada.Falcon's Mileage Calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used ...

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Moving Calculator

Falcon's Moving Calculator is a web package for enabling web live help for moving companies, definitely improving interaction with customers and web site visitors. With Falcon's Moving Calculator you no long...

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QBBKLG Super Backlog & Inventory Calculator

QBBKLG Super Calculator is designed to calculate your backlog, inventory, items sold, or reasons why items were returned.With QBBKLG Super Backlog & Inventory Calculator you will be able to save hundreds...

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US Zipcode Distance Calculator

Enter two 5 digit US zipcode, get the distance....

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Mortgage calculators collection

Comprehensive set of 22 mortgage calculators allows your site visitors to perform easily complicated real estate math. It features very unique LEAD GENERATION feature - calculation results in PDF format to l...

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Currency Conversion Script, Calculator, Charts, News

This PHP Currency Conversion script comes complete, ready to go. Just change the layout to suit your own site needs and that's all there is to it. Features Include: 1. Live Currency Conversion Calculator 2. ...

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Metric Conversion Script

This listing is for 8 php scripts to do metric conversions. These scripts are very thorough and ready for deployment or usage. The scripts are: Area Metric Conversion Calculator, Capacity and Volume Conversi...

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Odds algorithm: Implementation of the Thomas Bruss odds algorithm

This class implements the odds algorithm created by F. Thomas Bruss. This is a decision making support algorithm is used for instance to determine the right moment stop negotiations....

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Catalan Numbers - Php

You can use this program to print catalan numbers series like 1,1, 2, 5, 14, 42, 132, 429, 1430, 4862, 16796,etc.,in php...

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Subwoofer Vent Minimum Port Diameter

Online calculator helps to calculate the subwoofer vent minimum port diameter or size based on maximum air volume, tuning frequency, number of ports....

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Investment Calculator

You can use this calculator to see how hypothetical investment can grow over the time. For example check out what will happen after 300 months (that's 25 years) if you invest $250 per month in stock with ave...

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MyOSGB PHP Class is a simple lightweight PHP class written for PHP5. Its purpose is to simplify distance calculations between Eastings and Northings, National Grid References or a combination of all three. I...

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BMI Calculator

This is a free overweight/BMI calculator that can be placed on your website to let your visitors calculate their body mass index. The calculator outputs the results and suggests the right weight range if the...

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Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment with this simple calculator. Installation and setup is very easy. You only need to upload the files to your webserver and set the payment periods. Use monthly, bimonth...

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Numerology Calcuator

This is a php numerology calculator class developed to numerologists or entertainers that wants to put numerology in ther websites. Many numerology websites explains you how to calculate yourself and check t...

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Exchange Rate Converter

Exchange Rate Converter is an easy to use PHP class for converting currencies from one currency to another. With support for 88 different currencies, Google powered, and ease of use; this is a great solution...

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Mortgage and Loan Calculator

One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account. This is a win win situation because your users will be happy for archiving their ...

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Mortgage Loan Calculator FREE

Mortgage Loan Calculator is a great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers. The execution of this calculator is superb fr...

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calculator - free

2 minute's installation process. Very simple installation made for the middle man. the calculator is moveable which means your user can move the calculator around there screen. this script also uses google j...

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Orange Effort Estimation Tool for Software Development

The tool is web-based, therefore it can be used from anywhere with a web browser. All calculations and data are performed/stored in one central server/database. The client file has been built with PHP; all c...

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Gas mileage calculator. It will calculate the cost of your trip with a car based on fuel price and fuel consumption. The calculator is suitable for car related sites and blogs. Works with miles/km and gallon...

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GF PHP Calculator

The GF PHP Calculator is a web master's dream script. You do not need MySQL, you do not need Javascript, and you do not even need to know HTML. All you need to do is edit a few settings and then upload to yo...

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